Welcome to my page!

My name’s Teodora, I’m a writer. 

Over the last decade I have worn many different writing hats.

As a copywriter I have penned down editorial content and advertising copy for clients ranging from solopreneurs and start-ups to household names like MasterCard, Microsoft and Fortune 500 brands.

My byline has appeared in brand blogs, e-zines and magazines, for which I’ve covered entertainment, travel, lifestyle, culture and environmental topics.

I also write prose fiction and screenplays, and I’m currently training as a script analyst. I’m passionate about all forms of storytelling and constantly strive to expand my skills through new forms of writing.

As a location-independent freelancer I have worked with folks far and wide, and I’m open to new creative collaborations. Feel free to drop me a message, or stay tuned through social media.

Let’s have a chat!

For collaborations, business inquiries or if you simply want to send me a personal message, you can use the form below to contact me. As a location independent freelancer I work with folks far and wide, across all continents. So no matter where you are, or how big or small your project might be, I’d like to hear about it!

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