Hey there. I’m Teodora – a UK-based writer.

Over the last decade I have worn many different writing hats.

I have created advertising campaigns and editorial content for clients ranging from solopreneurs and start-ups, to household names like MasterCard, Microsoft and Fortune 500 brands. My byline has appeared in brand blogs and e-zines, for which I’ve covered entertainment, travel, culture and other topics. As a fully bilingual speaker I’ve adapted advertising copy and entertainment media for household names like Lufthansa, Airbnb, Cartoon Network and many others. In addition to all of this, I also write prose fiction and screenplays, and more recently I’ve been training as a script analyst.

As a location-independent freelancer I work with folks far and wide, and I’m open to new creative collaborations.

You can check out my copywriting portfolio and services here.

Drop me a message, or stay tuned through social media.