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Hey there, I’m Teodora. Welcome to my webpage and thanks for stopping by!

I believe in the magic and power of story to change perceptions, influence minds and inspire positive changes. I write narrative screenplays and prose fiction in the fantasy, sci-fi and drama genres. My stories feature complex female characters and explore the relationship between humans, nature and spirituality. 

Outside of my creative pursuits, over the last decade I’ve worn many other writing hats. I’ve worked as a content-cum-copywriter on hundreds of advertising campaigns and editorial projects for clients ranging from solopreneurs and start-ups to household names like MasterCard, Microsoft and Fortune 500 brands.

My byline has appeared in various brand blogs and e-zines under stories covering entertainment, culture and travel. As a fully bilingual speaker I’ve also adapted a huge range of advertising and creative media for leading global brands like Lufthansa, Airbnb and Cartoon Network, among many others. I work with companies far and wide, from Europe to America and from Asia to Australia – and I feel blessed to have made friends with people from many different cultures around the world.

Although UK-based for many years, I grew up in much sunnier southern Europe in a leafy town by the Black Sea. I am a semi-digital nomad who loves to explore new destinations, preferably close to the sea and a beach. Apart from my love for stories and cinema, I am also a sucker for a good art museum and live music.