Proud to Have Worked  on Projects For…

…and many other happy clients!

Do you believe in magic?

Because I do.

But not the kind of magic you’re thinking about…

Not fairies or unicorns.

I mean real-life magic.

You see, I believe that stories are the most powerful magic known to man.

As a good friend and mentor of mine always says, humans are meaning-making machines. And stories are the way we make sense of the world.

Stories have the power to change perceptions, influence minds, touch hearts and spur humans to action.

That’s pretty powerful magic as far as I am concerned.

Which is why I love using it above all else.

I’m a writer and storyteller.

I’ve had a versatile career over the last decade and I’ve worn many writing hats.

From copywriting to content creation and creative adaptation, I’ve used the power of stories to help launch start-ups and create high-impact communications materials for leading global brands, like MasterCard, Lufthansa, Microsoft and many other household names including Fortune 500s.

When I’m not doing all of the above, I write my own stories too. I love experimenting with genres and formats for both print and screen, and I mainly write fantasy and drama.

I live in England, but as a location independent freelancer I work with clients far and wide, from Europe to America, and from Asia to Australia.

Do you want to discuss a writing project you have, or just talk stories and magic?

Drop me a line at hello(at)t-writes(dot)com or stay tuned through social media.

You can also check out my copywriting portfolio and commercial writing services here.